World map showing the countries in which women feel safest at night

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Unfortunately, compared to men, we feel much les safe…

Do you feel at ease when you are walking home alone at after a night out? A large study was conducted by The Gallup Organization in over 140 countries and the results were synthesised into a map of the world, which was created by Statista and published by Marie Claire. Internationally, 45%, of women said they do not feel safe walking alone at night, compared with 27% of men. So which were the countries where women can feel most secure at night?

Singapore, the big winner

The country in which women felt most safe at night was Singapore, where 88% of women said they would feel totally at ease walking home at night. Next was Qatar (83%), and then China (77%), two countries reputed for their safety, followed by Canada (71%) and surprisingly, Mali, which obtained the same score. The Mali statistic is surprising because this country has a bad name in the media, and tourism has previously been discouraged by other countries’ ministries.

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Chad, the place where women feel least safe

Next come Denmark (71%), Sweden (65%), the United States (62%) and Japan (57%). Gradually, as the percentages start to get lower, we find France and Australia, where barely more than half of women feel they can walk alone at night without fear. The last ones in the running are Chile (49%), Brazil (40%), South Africa (33%) and Chad (27%). To enjoy a girls night out and not have your blood running cold at the idea of how you will get home, have a look at our article containing a few practical tips: 7 tips for having a safe night out and getting home hassle free.