Wondering if you’re pregnant? Here are 5 sure signs!

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Did you forget to use protection the last time you had sex? Maybe you don’t want to go and do a pregnancy test, but have you noticed that your body feels totally different? Have you been trying for a baby for so long, that you are afraid of being disappointed? Before doing a test, here are a few sure signs….

1/ Your period is late

A clear sign!

2/ Your breasts are sore

Like in your teens, your breasts feel tight or hard, as if they are trying to grow.

3/ You feel nauseous

An upset digestive system is a classic!

4/ You are disgusted by meat

It is possible that, even if you have never been a vegan, you could start to feel repulsed at the idea of eating animal flesh. One more vegetarian in the world! For nine months anyway….

5/ You feel a pull in your lower abdomen

Does your tummy feel tighter, pulled or swollen, and seem to have developed muscles all on its own? Take a test, it is quite possible that you are pregnant!

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