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Women’s “ideal bodies” throughout the last 100 years

The ‘ideal woman’ hasn’t always been the same over time. There has never been a “perfect body” that lasted throughout the history of humanity. The vision of the ‘perfect woman’ evolves from day to day, in accordance with societal norms. Even if in reality there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ body, society can impose unrealistic ideals on women, which can lead to body complexes. Each decade had a new ‘ideal’ for women to strive towards. Let’s take a closer look at the ideals of the ‘perfect woman’ over the last 100 years:

1/ 1910s: “The Gibson girl”

A young slim woman, bestowed with voluptuous breasts and hips and a narrow waist, thanks to the use of corsets.

Credits : Leo Delauncey

2/ 1920s: “The Flapper girl”

A boyish figure, flat chested and with slim legs.

Credits : Leo Delauncey

3/ 1930s: “The sex siren”

The return of curves, a sculpted and curvy body.

Credits : Leo Delauncey

4/ 1940s: “The screen queen”

A very feminine look contrasting with the war era.

Credits : Leo Delauncey

5/ 1950s: “The curves”

Generous curves had pride of place.

Credits : Leo Delauncey

6/ 1960s: “The petite”

The fashion was short haircuts and “all that is small and cute”.

Credits : Leo Delauncey

7/ 1970s: “The 70’s pin up”

The ’70s pin-up had shoulders wider than the hips.

Credits : Leo Delauncey

8/ 1980s: “The supermodel”

Fitness was in fashion, and with it a tall muscular woman, with long legs,

Credits : Leo Delauncey

9/ 1990s: “The waif”

The androgenous look, very slim and skinny.

Credits : Leo Delauncey

10/  2000s: “The tone”

Visible abs and a little tanned all year long.

Credits : Leo Delauncey

11/ 2010s: “The bootylicious”

To have a derriere like Kim Kardashian’s, the trend is towards a big booty.

Credits : Leo Delauncey