Women: real life superheros. 10 superpowers we all use every day

Powerful super-heroines!

As women, we don’t need superpowers to be superheros! Physical transformations in record time (thanks to our makeup palette and hairbrushes), constant changes of role -from mother, to lover, to businesswoman to confidante -or the ability to pick up on what is not being said -all of these powers are worthy of a superhero movie! Move over testosterone!

1/ Transformers

Our best weapon for transforming ourselves in the blink of an eye: our makeup kit! But our transformative powers also come in handy when we switch our office identity for that of mother, lover or home-maker!

Credits : Transformers, Earth War

2/ The Flash

Because we’re always tearing left and right: collecting the kids from school or sports, attending a beautician’s appointment or shopping for a wedding present on our lunch hour, and heading back to the office for an afternoon of meetings. In short, contrary to guys, we can multi-task at the speed of light!

Credits : Alan9187/Pixabay

3/ Batman

Our handbag is a weapon worthy of any British secret agent! Lipstick, bottles of water, pumps, tissues, creams and clothes -we have all the gadgets we need to get us through the day in our BagMobile!

Credits : Flickr

4/ Cat Woman

Legs that are delicate but slightly hairy on the days between beautician’s appointments! We could definitely pass for Catwoman!

Credits : Igorsaevets/Pixabay

5/ The Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four

You also know how to make yourself disappear, when your other half and his friends are boring you to death with their football night….

Jessica Alba in the Fantastic Four, Marvel Jessica Alba dans les Quatre Fantastiques, Marvel

6/ Jane, the X-Men

Jane, the superhero from X-Men who can tell the future. Yes, us too, we know what’s going to happen before it ever does. We call it feminine intuition…..

Screenshot : X-Men: Apocalypse/YouTube

7/ Samantha from Bewitched

Because effortlessly, we know how to spruce up a home with the tap of a wand! And how to see with one glance if there is something out of place…

8/ Superwoman

A bit obvious, but everyone knows that everyday women are veritable superwomen. We manage everything and everyone, and with success!

Credits : Wikimedia

9/ Tinkerbell

Because with a sprinkle of fairy dust (and a small shopping spree), we can transform our frog into a prince!

Credits : Peter Pan, Disney

10/ Storm, X-Men

Because we also know how to get in a whirl when things go wrong!

Screenshot: X-Men, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby/YouTube