Winter trends in hairstyles

Credits: iStock

Winter is here, and with the darker evenings, it’s time to update your wardrobe, and perhaps even change your style entirely with a new haircut. If you dread going to the hairdresser, don’t panic! We have a list of the trendiest and most up to date fashions in hairstyles to give you a few ideas for how to easily transform your look.

Short hair is in this winter

Have you always wanted to cut your hair up short? Maybe now is the time, as short hair is very much on trend this season. Try out a pixie crop for a rock chick look. This cut suits all face shapes. If you want a look that is even more original, it is also possible to go for a modernised bowl cut that is more edgy now than ever. For those of you who prefer to avoid boyish cuts, short bobs are equally fashionable at the moment. Maybe try out a short diagonal bob, for example, to be truly at the cutting edge.


Play with colour

Experimenting with various colours is far from a thing of the past. This winter, platinum blonde is back in style. Whether you have straight or curly hair, do like Katy Perry and go blonder than blonde. Colours such as baby pink or blue-green are due to be very much on point towards the end of the year. For a more discreet approach to colouring, try out some subtle highlights. Every hair colour has a corresponding shade of highlights to suit it. Highlights can add shine and thickness to your style. It is also a simple way of updating your look.


The fringe is back

The fringe in its many forms is making its return this season. For curly or straight hair, tapered or with a blunt cut around the eyebrows, anything goes. Short fringes are particularly on trend this winter, and will add a rocker style to your haircut. Don’t hesitate to match it with bright colours. If you prefer longer fringes, you can wear it to just above your eyes. This type of fringe tends to accentuate your features.


Braids for long hair

For long hair, the trend is to go natural and voluminous, and to wear braids of all sorts. Put the straighteners away and celebrate your waves and natural curls. In terms of braids, you have plenty of choice. Tribal plaits, twisted braid buns or distressed faux fishtails -go for the style that matches your image. Also keep in mind that accessories such as headbands, clips and slides can perfect your style and will keep it on trend over the coming months.