Why you should never use a cotton bud to clean your ears

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Cotton buds can do more harm than good

The cotton bud is king in our washrooms: as well as using them on our fragile ears, we also use them to correct our eye-liner, remove mascara smudges, fix nail varnish that’s overflown onto our skin, or to apply lotion to our spots. Cotton buds are a real ally in our makeup kits. However, they should consider taking them off the market because of how dangerous they can be for our ears….

Cotton buds do not actually clean the ears, but in fact promote blockages

Cotton buds push ear wax towards the inner depths of the auditory canal, which can lead to blockages. Instead, go for an ear wash solution or a natural alternative that only removes the wax at the entry to the ear, protecting the ear drum.

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Cotton buds can lead to eczema

Cotton buds are also thought to be responsible for eczema in the ear canal, due to repeated rubbing on the skin. Without mention of the trauma to the eardrum when the wand is inserted too deeply (or if you were to fall, for example, while using one). Don’t take the risk!