Why you should never clean your toilets with bleach!

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Bleach and urine don’t make for clean toilets

Have you always reached for the bleach to disinfect your bathroom from top to bottom? A piece of advice: change your habits or you might regret it!

Bleach can transform into a toxic gas when it comes into contact with urine

Be aware that bleach is a derivative of chlorine. And if chlorine comes into contact with ammonia, which is contained in your urine, a very toxic gas forms around the toilet bowl, which irritates the eyes and lungs. You may never have realised, and may have been doing this for years, but now you know…

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Bleach is not a cleaner

Even if you kill a few bacteria, bleach does not clean the toilet in the slightest: it doesn’t contain the surfactants (friction reducing compounds) that clean and dissolve grease. By contrast, white vinegar is unmatched in terms of its gentle cleaning and disinfectant properties.

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The bleach you pour down the toilet ends up in the earth and in the air

When you pour bleach into the toilet bowl, it goes into the pipes, the chlorine evaporates and transforms into an extremely toxic substance that doesn’t biodegrade, which ends up in the air and in the earth. Imagine the consequences for the flora and fauna, as well as for humans.

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Bleach is used to whiten tampons

We bet that you never knew it, but industries use bleach to whiten the material of your tampons. And when we know where these go, this may have us reaching for a menstrual cup instead!

One final piece of advice is to clean your toilets with white vinegar or sodium percarbonate, inexpensive products which respect the environment.

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