Why holding in farts is bad for your health: 5 good reasons to let rip!

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Let go discreetly!

Despite what we may believe, us girls are just like guys in terms of flatulence! In fact, we pass the same amount of gas as them (15 times a day on average), which we should let out without shame to stay healthy in a healthy body! Because gas often plays an essential role in digestion. Here are 5 good reasons to just let rip!

Passing wind: vital to healthy digestion

During the course of digestion, our body dissolves food to extract its nutrients. Intestinal gas is the result of this digestion. It is therefore completely normal to indulge in this type of trumpeting!

1/ You breathe in a scent that is good for your health

As strange as it may seem, smelling your own farts is good for your health. It’s not surprising that you secretly find it funny (rest assured, we are all the same!). English researchers in fact discovered that the hydrogen sulfide contained in intestinal gas can fight against illness, reducing the risk of cell degeneration, stroke and heart attack…. Who’d have thought it?!

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2/ You eat better

Your farts can detect the types of food that your body needs: if you don’t pass much wind, this could mean that you are lacking in fibre. By contrast, eating too much meat can cause a particularly unpleasant smelling gas, which could mean you need to limit your intake.

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3/ You can relieve bloating

Do you feel bloated, and as if your skinny jeans are about to burst after a big meal? By letting out a little wind, you will get immediate relief from this horrible sensation. All you have to do is manage it discreetly.

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4/ You can be alerted to health problems

Flatulence can highlight a variety of health problems: it alerts you when there is something not quite right (very bad smelling wind, increased frequency, pain, etc.). It can even detect bowel cancer. Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if you notice any unusual changes.

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5/ You look after your colon

Remember when  you were a child, you were always told not to hold it in. Well, nowadays, nothing has changed! Holding in your intestinal gasses for too long can be harmful to the health of your colon.