Why do you open your mouth when putting on mascara?

You may not realise it, but when it comes to putting on your mascara, unconsciously, you open your mouth, as if you wanted to swallow an eyelash that went AWOL! Keep an eye out the next time, and tell us what you found! Do you at least know why you are making these grimaces?!

70% of women open their mouths when they are doing their makeup

According to a study done by the American website Popsugar, 70% of us do this. Opening your mouth when applying mascara prevents your eyes from blinking, greatly facilitating doing your makeup. Because blinking is interrupted when the mouth makes an “O” shape, opening your mouth is a reflex for precision that kicks in at the crucial moment to avoid panda eyes!

A psychomotor tic to ensure seamless precision

This phenomenon is described in scientific jargon as “a psychomotor tic”. No need for alarm, it’s simply an unconscious muscular contraction that assures precision at all times! Think back to your early childhood, when you would stick your tongue out to write in your copy book…. It’s pretty much the same thing!

A technique with multiple advantages

Another advantage of opening your mouth to do your makeup is that the skin on your face is  more stretched, facilitating application. In the same way as men stretch the skin on their cheeks to shave, we open our mouths to do our makeup! Each to his (or her) own. So now, you can show off in front of your friends with this (useless?) information!