What your walk says about you

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Tell me how you walk, and I’ll tell you who you are!

According to our personality, our education, our experience or simply our state of mind, our walk or our gait varies. It can also change depending on where we are: we generally don’t walk the same way for going to work as we do when going for a drink with someone we fancy! Here are 10 different manners of walking, and the hidden interpretations of each ‘walk’. And although you may not realise it, your walk can project a certain image of you….

1/ You often walk with a telephone stuck to your ear

Can you not seem to stop yourself from whipping out your phone the minute you start walking? You have a constant need to appear busy. The phone helps you do this, and this de-stresses you. Just like other little nervous habits like biting your nails, fiddling with your keys or smoking.

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2/ You walk with your head down

Whether on public transport or at work, walking with your head down insinuates that you have a goal in mind; you are clear on where you are going and how to get there, and you don’t want any human contact: you want to be left alone to get on with your journey. If this is not the case, you may need to change your ways to avoid being put into this category!

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3/ You walk chest forwards

Does the top of your body lean forwards while you walk? This posture comes across as proud. You are proud of yourself, and want to assert your value and your superiority.

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4/ You walk on tip toes

Do you walk on your tippy toes? You may be a little shy and lack confidence, and you walk as if you don’t want to be heard. Unless it’s the result of long years of dance classes!

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5/ You walk with your feet turned in

Are your feed turned inwards when you walk? This position indicates that you are very focused on  yourself and what’s going on in your head.

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