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What your hairstyle reveals about your sex life

The hairstyles that speak volumes about your sexual personality….

Can we really deduce somebody’s sexual behaviour from their movements, their fashion choices, their manner of speaking, or to go even further, from their hairstyle?? It seems that certain people have had fun untangling this question! Here are a few answers, that may give you a glimpse of the truth…

1/ The ponytail

Do you swear by none other than the classic ponytail? You’re not too stern and serious when it comes to sex, in fact quite the opposite! Under your little-girl hairdo, or that of a busy businesswoman, you are a furious force to be reckoned with in the bedroom!

Credits : Wikimedia

2/ Plaits

Do you love to wear your hair in a plait on a daily basis? You are likely to be a refined and natural lover, who doesn’t hide who she really is, and loves a bit of action!

Credits : Pexels/Pixabay

3/ Short cuts

Do you wear your hair as short as your boyfriends? You are a natural born lover, who has no fear of trying out new experiences, you know what turns you on and you don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Credits : Wikimedia

4/ Fringes

The fringe is a timeless style that has never dated, sported by more than half of us. Including you! You are a sensitive lover who knows what she wants. What’s more, you prefer to do it with the lights on, so as not to miss a trick!

Credits : Ptksgc/Pixabay

5/ Natural hair

You couldn’t be bothered your head in the mornings with trying to replicate the hairstyle of some Disney princess. It’s to the benefit of your libido, because you are a satisfied lover who feels good in your own skin, and your confidence gives you the courage to try all kinds of improvisation, which you are fond of.

Credits : Unsplash/Pixabay

6/ Eccentric colours

Baby pink, pastel purple or canary yellow, you hate dull colours! You are an original and adventurous lover, who adores trying out new sexual techniques. You are never scared to dare, and would die at the thought of getting trapped in a sexual rut or routine!

Credits : Crazybonkers/YouTube

7/ Buns

Is a carefully pinned bun part of your morning beauty routine? You are an organised and structured lover, who likes things to be done properly. You have a tendency to want to control everything and have difficulty with fully giving in to pleasure. Try to let go!!

Credits : Ivabalk/Pixabay