What the way you make a fist says about your personality

Montage : Credits : Tartoh

The practice of studying and interpreting body language is called synergology. It is a way of testing someone’s personality depending on their body positioning or how they move in different circumstances. Whether you believe in it or not, it is always fun to do the test! Here are 4 ways of making a fist that correspond to various character traits. Check it out for yourself!

1/ The entirety of your fingers are positioned under your thumb

According to the position of your fingers when you make a fist, you are a dynamic person who is able to deal with any situation. The first obstacle that life throws in your way won’t stop you in your path. You are great at adapting to any situation and you have irrepressible enthusiasm, which is the key to your success.

Credits : Tartoh

2/ Your thumb is covering the top two parts of your fingers (after the upper joint)

As an attentive and caring person, you are given to charitable causes, whatever they may be, and you are probably already involved in one. You have talents in communicating and you are a good and pragmatic listener. You stay naturally calm in difficult situations.

Credits: Tartoh

3/ Your thumb beside your index finger

A bit of a dreamer, you are gifted with a limitless imagination! You are creative and try to make your dreams come true, by finding practical ways to make it happen. Sociable and generous, you know how to take care of others without forgetting about yourself, but unfortunately you can often be disappointed. In love, you have a tendency to repress your feelings, but this gets better with time.

Credits : Pixabay

4/ Your thumb tucked underneath your fingers

You have loads of talent and you know it. Extroverted and sure of yourself, you are also stubborn and capable of making huge efforts to ensure you succeed at whatever you are doing. Appearing unshakeable, you can often seem not to need anyone else, however, behind this, you are highly sensitive.