What do pregnant women dream of? The strange dreams in the first trimester

Anna Kosali/Wikimedia Commons

What are pregnant women’s dreams like?

Have you recently gotten some happy news, and has your sleep suddenly become peppered with very strange dreams, the likes of which you never had before? It’s no cause for alarm, it doesn’t indicate any difficulty or anomaly. It seems that pregnant women are simply subject to odd and original dreams, which last throughout the first three months.

Dreams of amphibians and of nature

Certain scientists who specialise in dreams have touched upon the subject, and have noticed that many pregnant women dream about the same things during the first trimester of their pregnancy. Frogs, earthworms and potted plants take pride of place in the sleeping brains of mothers-to-be…. But how can we explain this phenomenon? Specialists put everything down to hormonal imbalances….

A simple interpretation

In any case, we can clearly see that the colour green is a major feature! A sign of fertility? If we look a bit deeper into the symbolism of colour, we discover that green represents many different things, some of which are likely to be reflected in the emotions of a mother-to-be: instability, things that move, things that change, sinister presences (aliens, martians, dragons and demons), luck (images of casino tables, pool or other betting games….) or jealousy. You’re not going gaga, you’re just going green!

Credits : Pixabay