Transform your scarves or sarongs into tops, dresses and jumpsuits with no sewing!

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5 ways to transform your scarves!

You have long said it, your wardrobe contains plenty bits and bobs that could be transformed into new clothes. For example, an old scarf or sarong that has been hanging there for a few years. By transforming it a little, and simply tying it in a different way, you’ll see it in a whole new light. Here are 5 easy tutorials to give your scarves a new lease of life. Have fun!

1/ A jumpsuit

Are you obsessed with combi-shorts, but can never find the right fit? Dig out your old sarongs, and put them to work! Now you have a veritable collection of sexy summer jumpsuits!

2/ A pattern top

Transform your boring old square of material into a floral top of your choice!

3/ A strapless dress

With the aid of a strapless bra, you can make your very own dress in jig time, without even a needle or thread!

4/ A variety of skirts and dresses

Do you dream of a dress for a night out, maybe long or mid-length, that clings perfectly to your curves? Look no further, here it is at the click of a button! Your scarf (or sarong) will do all the hard work!

5/ A sophisticated beach dress

Start by tying your sarong at the back of your neck, then double the lower part back over your hips and tie it behind your back. This creates a pretty, high-waisted dress for nights out, on holidays or back home!