Top 10 things to know about brunettes!

Brown hair is the second most common hair colour on earth, after black hair. But the term ‘brunette’ refers to a multitude of colours, with an infinite palate of varied shades. From light to very dark brown, including ash brown, golden brown, hazel brown, medium brown, chocolate brown and chestnut…. But hazel or otherwise, browns are no nuts!

1) They have a higher number of hairs, but they are finer than those of redheads

Credits : Alexapax/Pixabay

2) Also victims of cliché, even if they are mainly positive: brunettes are thought of as adventurous, intelligent or sexy (Tomb Raider, anyone?)

3) They can be the victims of jokes the same as blondes! “What pickup lines do Brunettes hear the most? “How now, brown cow?” “

4) According to a British study, brunettes make better wives and girlfriends than blondes

Credits : Pexels/Pixabay

5) According to scientific experiments, the reality is that men unconsciously prefer brunettes

6) Brunettes are more reasonable and better at keeping a home and managing money than blondes. They are also better in bed….

7) Brunettes are not as well paid as their blonde colleagues

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8) Women with black hair are more altruistic, but have a harder time gaining others’ trust

9) A brown hair colour suits women with dark skin just as well as light skin

10) There are many songs dedicated to brunettes!

Credits : Adina Voicu/Pixabay