Top 10 things to know about blondes

Come with us and discover the secrets of blonde hair. It’s the most sought-after colour in hair salons, because it is one of the rarest and most difficult to reproduce artificially. Often the subject of stereotypes, blondes are more complex than you think!

1) They have more hair than brunettes or redheads, but the hairs are finer

2) Blondes are doomed to disappear, and natural blondes are rare

3) In the world of advertising, blondes have a higher return than brunettes

Credits : Bergadder/Pixabay

4) “Gentlemen prefer blondes” -a cliché, yes, but also a fact

Blonde waitresses earn better tips than their brunette colleagues

5) Blonde hairs are fragile and break easily

6) They have the shiniest hair because the colour captures the light, but when the hair is dirty, it is quickly very obvious

Credits : Adina Voicu/Pixabay

7) Blondes are popular in the professional sphere

8) Blondes seem younger, as blonde hair represents childhood and innocence

9) There are countless stereotypes and clichés about blondes

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10) Staying blonde is expensive