Top 10 surprising things to know about redheads!

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From earliest childhood, redheads are mocked for their fiery locks, and wrongly so! Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, or even Nicole Kidman are stunning examples of stars with tresses of fire. Red hair is completely different from other hair colours, full of secrets and mystery. Today you have the chance to boost your redhead knowledge and become expert on the subject!

1) It’s all a question of genetics

To have red hair, both parents need to be carriers of the gene MC1R, if they are not redheads themselves.

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2) Redheads have a higher chance of being left-handed

3) Only 2% of the global population are redheads

4) Redheads are becoming increasingly rare

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5) They have a smaller number of hairs than brunettes or blondes, but the hairs are thicker

6) They stay young for longer, because it is impossible for their hair to go grey

7) They tend to have a more active sex life

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8) They are capable of producing their own Vitamin D

9) Hair dye does not stick well to red hair

10) Redheads are less sensitive to pain than other people