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Top 10 Foods That Give Beautiful Skin

Look no further, nature provides everything your skin needs

Replace your night masks with olive oil, your detox drinks with aloe vera or your after-sun cream with carrot juice! Nature knows about beauty, and offers without doubt the ingredients that your skin, and your body needs to refuel. Here is a non-exhaustive list of foods that will benefit your skin health without breaking into cosmetics.

1/ The black grape, anti-redness

Problems with rosacea or small localised redness? Grab a bunch of red grapes, which have the effect of reinforcing the resistance of the blood vessels. It is best to purchase organic for more efficiency, the grape being unfortunately one of the most treated fruits (sometimes much more than the authorised limit).

Crédits : Pixabay

2/ The carrot, natural UV protection

Ideal vegetable in summer, the carrot will allow you to keep a tanned skin longer, while fighting against ageing skin caused by the suns UV rays. Rich in beta-carotenes and antioxidants, it activates cell renewal.

Crédits : Pixabay

3/ Almonds, to prevent your skin from drying out

Rich in Omega 6, the almonds constitute a true natural mask to moisturise the skin in depth. A handful of almonds would provide 30% of the recommended intake of vitamins E. They are consumed at breakfast, to replenish energy and hydrate the skin from the inside.

Crédits : Pixabay

4/ Lemon, a remedy against spots

Drinking a fresh lemon juice in a glass of warm water in the morning, on an empty stomach, will allow you to cleanse your liver and as a result, maintain healthy and glowing skin. Due to its high level of vitamin C content, the lemon also eliminates the bacteria responsible for acne.

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5/ Blueberries for soft, firm skin

These delicious berries are a gold mine for your skin: concentrated in vitamins C and E, the blueberries allow to maintain the elasticity of your skin. Consume them quickly after purchase, as they are easily damaged and go off quickly.

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6/ Vegetable oils, perfect night masks

Borage, onagre, olive or argan, these precious oils will allow you to strengthen the protective barrier of your skin. You can also use them in mask at night, before bed for softer skin!

Crédits : Pixabay

7/ Beer yeast, for a more beautiful skin and hair

With no alcohol, as the name suggests, beer yeast is a true concentrate of B-vitamins, particularly useful for limiting hair loss and cell renewal. Use it as a seasonal cure, twice a year.

8/ The wheat germ, to keep tone and elasticity

Rich in vitamins, the wheat germ maintains the suppleness of the skin and facilitates the renewal of the cells. Sprinkle your salads and other seasonal dishes to enjoy its benefits.

9/ Aloe vera, soothing and beautifying

It is a versatile plant that has many virtues: anti-inflammatory, digestive, detoxifying and beautifying the skin and hair, aloe vera is used in drinking juice as well as in a gel.

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10/ Chia seeds, anti-aging serum

Under their somewhat strange name, chia seeds contain many essential nutrients to strengthen the immune system, stabilize cholesterol and combat aging of the skin.

Crédits : ValeriaJa/Pixabay