Top 10 embarrassing situations that all women have experienced

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6/ Having to ask for money

From someone close to you or worse, someone who is junior to you.

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7/ Bouts of incontinence

Incontinence isn’t only for older people: bursting out laughing, getting a bad fright or just really having to go, and there are none of us above ending up with pee in our pants!

8/ Being caught in your underwear in the fitting room

We bet that this has already happened to you: someone unthinkingly pulling the curtain back fully in one go, you shout out in alarm, with the whole world having seen you in only a thong!

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9/ Stains on your clothes

A ketchup stain on your top and you are simply mortified, trying to hide it by any means possible.

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10/ Being caught while you’re making love

Or at least, being overheard in the throes of passion!

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