Top 10 embarrassing situations that all women have experienced

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The brand Tena had a little fun with a study they carried out in collaboration with Ipsos, researching the most embarrassing situations women experience in their daily lives. So, what would be worse in your opinion: being caught in your underwear in a fitting room, noticing that your armpits stink, or having a blood stain on your white skinny jeans? Here are the top ten….

1/ Body odour

It transpires that sweat is the big winner on the ‘most embarrassing’ list! Smelling dodgy, and more importantly, other people noticing, is one of the modern woman’s worst nightmares.

Screenshot: Leslie Lawson/YouTube

2/ Someone walking in on you in the toilet

When you’ve forgotten to lock the door, and an unsuspecting stranger walks in on you!

Screenshot: Maouno/YouTube

3/ Having your skirt stuck in your knickers

When you come out of the toilet, not realising that your skirt is stuck in your tights or your pants, giving the whole world a fine eyeful!

4/ Being caught gossiping about a friend

By the friend in question!

Credits: Pixabay

5/ Having a blood stain on your clothes during your period

And people having been sure to notice that it’s your time of the month…

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