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This woman is 6 months pregnant!

Screenshot: Instagram/chontelduncan

Chontel Duncan is a dedicated fitness enthusiast, with protruding muslces and abs of steel, who wasn’t ready to sacrifice her intensive gym sessions just because she was pregnant! But this young American is far from alone in this regard: “fit moms”, as they are called, are invading social media and never hesitate to share the photos of their dream silhouettes, with their tummies always strangely flat. Let’s have a closer look at this worrying new phenomenon.

Muscular pregnant women: a new trend?

Now more than ever (and particularly in the United States) intensive exercise is more and more popular. You only have to look at the prominent muscles of many ultra-fit Instagrammers to see that the phenomenon is on the rise. And the “fit moms” are invading the web, bombarding it with snaps that would make even the biggest fitness enthusiasts jealous. These “muscle moms” are young mothers who were very fit before becoming pregnant, and who continue to engage in intensive sport throughout their pregnancies. Their biggest critics on the internet highlight the self-indulgent aspect of these photos: muscular thighs, toned bums and overall, an almost inexistant bump: a silhouette which is a long way from that of a typical pregnant woman!

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Continuing to do certain sports, despite the advice of doctors

These athletic mothers-to-be don’t hold back in terms of practicing extreme sports, even ones that are contra-indicated during pregnancy: running, boxing, rowing, ab exercises and even weight-lifting. Such sporty pregnancies raise a number of questions, particularly in terms of the impact on their health, and the health of the baby.

What are the impacts on the baby?

According to specialists, doing sport is not necessarily contra-indicated during pregnancy, as long as it is practiced in moderation. In fact, exercising too intensely can bring on contractions and premature birth, or even miscarriages. Many studies have shown that the mother’s behaviour from the moment of conception can modify her health throughout the pregnancy. Starting to exercise from early in the pregnancy is a good way to keep it up throughout. Moderate physical exercise can be beneficial for both mother and baby, by reducing stress and leading to better mental health.

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There is fear behind their muscles

This “sport above all” attitude is mainly due to fear, fear of seeing their bodies changing. In fact, many women find it difficult to look at themselves in the mirror during pregnancy, and sometimes struggle to get their figure back after giving birth. This is why “fit moms” continue to post their post-pregnancy photos online, showing how quickly they are getting back “into shape”. Sport and pregnancy can go well together, as long as exercise is done at a moderate pace, and as long as you respect the limits your body places on you.

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