The youngest mother in history, who gave birth at 5 years old

Screenshot: Youtube

A very precocious mother…

On the 14th May 1939 in Peru, Lina Medina, a little girl of only 5 years of age, was brought to Lima hospital where she gave birth by Caesarean section to a little boy. She remains to this day the youngest mother in history.

The first hypothesis: a tumour

A month earlier, her parents never suspected that they were about to become grandparents. Seeing their daughter’s belly swell, they consulted healers, fearing that she had been possessed by a demon. Without getting an answer, they also consulted a doctor who first believed that she had an enormous tumour. This was in fact the foetus.

A rape that is still unsolved

According to her parents, this precocious little girl started to menstruate at three years old and her breasts started to swell when she was four. The identity of the father remains a mystery, since little Lina never said who had abused her.