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The time every parent spends on daily tasks: the numbers will blow you away!

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A time to love…

Do you know how much time you spend pairing your children’s socks, which lose their other halves in the depths of your machine? Or how many times you shout out “food’s ready”, while your kids don’t deign to give you as much as a glance? Or even how much time you spend worrying about the poop in your newborn’s nappy? It seems we’ll have to find some new solutions, as the numbers recorded on French website Parents Épuisés (Exhausted Parents) speak for themselves!

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1/ Looking for matching socks  = 65 hours / year

And to wind up in the end with only about 4 pairs…. Say hello to your collection of single socks in the laundry basket! A little tip: buy socks in very different colours so as not to waste too much time.

2/ Filling and emptying the washing machine, doing the laundry and ironing = 300 hours / year

Filling, emptying, drying, folding, assembling, ironing -what all these verbs translate into is the time you spend with your beloved washing machine!

3/ Calling out “food’s ready” = 1825 times / year

Although nobody seems to be listening. Next time, you can leave it go cold.

4/ Tying your children’s laces = 18 hours / year

Swearing to yourself that it’s velcro only from now on….

5/ Analysing the poop in your child’s nappy = 42 days per child

Don’t even try to tell us that you never worried about the condition of the number twos delicately posed in your baby’s nappy!

6/ Hearing “Let it Goooo, Let it Gooooo” from Frozen = 2553 times / child

And beginning to hum it without noticing!