The stick-on, push-up, strapless bra: is it dangerous?

Capture Instagram/Embodoe

Since August this year, you have probably seen ads for a particular type of bra on numerous sites, but also on social networks. It is a stick-on strapless bra, which can also provide a push-up effect, thanks to laces in the middle of it. This accessory, which at first glance seems very practical, may be more dangerous than it appears.

What are the risks?

Even if stick-on bras have been around for a number of years, this particular one brings the breasts tightly together, creating a “stunning” cleavage. Ideally, the story would have finished there, and stopped at having discovered a very practical accessory for showing off your cleavage. However, that was not to be. In August this year, numerous young women revealed fairly shocking photos of the effects this bra had on their chests. It seems that the adhesive material is toxic to the skin. In fact, certain users found it extremely difficult to remove the bra, and when they succeeded in doing so (with great pain), to their horror, they found numerous burns on their skin.

Capture Instagram/Embodoe


One YouTuber explains that when she went to remove the adhesive bra, her skin remained stuck to it. She therefore had to remove it by force, tearing her skin in certain places. Although she was used to wearing these kinds of bras, she reported that this was the first time she had a reaction like this.

It seems that the young YouTuber was not the only one to fall victim to this accessory. Jami Catherine Moran Jessop was one of the first to speak out against the product. Having ordered it on Amazon, the packaging said that it should not be worn in the heat, to avoid it slipping. However, it was the complete opposite, as the young woman found that she absolutely could not remove the bra. After several minutes of suffering, the bra finally came off, leaving huge marks on her skin.

Numerous accounts circulated on the web, recommending that potential customers absolutely do not buy this product. Be careful before you buy this type of bra, which costs €46 all the same. A little pricey when all you get is suffering..