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The plait : 16 ideas for you to style your hair

Plaits add a modern and romantic air to a hairstyle and can be worn to many different occasions. They are ideal for making your hair look sophisticated and varied in style.

Depending on your taste, your type of hair and the length, several different types of plaits can be suitable. However do you really know which plait corresponds to your hair?

For long and thick hair

If you have long and generally thick hair, you have a choice!! You can choose to have a wreath or a plaited bun.

plait 1

For a more classical look, you can also wear the plait( classical, herringbone or African) on the side or at the back of your head.

image 2 plait

image 3 plait

You can also make several smaller plaits to obtain a bohemian type glamour.

Currently the hairstyle which works well are the boxer braids (boxer plaits) You must simply separate your hair in two with a line at the centre of your head and make two plaits stuck to the side of your head. If you have streaks, a tie and dye or coloured hair the visual effect will be even greater.

image four plait

For fine hair

It is not always easy to style fine hair without accentuating its fragility or lack of volume. In order to avoid doing this wear loose plaits which give the illusion of having more volume in your hair.

image five plait

If you want an extra voluminous effect, you can also add a bit of dry shampoo and texturising powder on the roots and the tips.Try to also lightly tease your hair  : it will give you hair a modern creased effect that is also very chic. And if all else fails there are always hair extensions.

For shoulder length hair or a bob

The best way to plait your hair with a bob or shoulder ength hair is to make two plaits on either side of your head, a little bit like a wreath and to leave the rest of your hair loose.

image 6 plait