The miracle product your hairdresser doesn’t want you to know about!

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Henna: the miracle hair product that your hairdresser doesn’t tell you about! For thicker, shinier, healthier and naturally coloured hair.

Contrary to classic hair dyes, the more you use henna, the stronger and more protected your hair will be.

In terms of beauty, the specialists often keep the best secrets to themselves! And we can well understand it. Henna, for example, appears to be a miracle remedy for beautiful hair that holds colour for longer, as well as being a natural product. Possibly what stops your hairdresser from telling you is the fact that it overlaps with some of the branded products that they have agreed to promote, in collaboration with large companies…. Here are the benefits of henna for your hair, this mysterious ingredient that has been hidden from you for too long!

So what is henna?

Henna is a tree found in Africa and in the East, and is known for its pigmented leaves, long used to make dyes and perfumes, but also to make excellent shampoos. Nowadays, it is used in small quantities in certain natural hair products, and on its own to colour and repair dull, fine hair.

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The multiple and unexpected benefits of henna for your hair

Henna: the miracle cure for lifeless hair! On its own, it can revitalise and invigorate damaged hair: it strengthens, repairs, and protects hair, it adds volume to fine hair, it regulates oils in greasy hair, and if you use it in its natural form, it gently colours the hair. All in all, a miracle product!

A natural hair colour for chestnut to dark brown hair

Henna can be used in a neutral or a coloured format. You don’t have to change the colour of your hair in order to reap its benefits. But if you like playing around with your colour, you can take advantage of its natural virtues: from gentle tints to flamboyant red, chestnut to dark brown hair will take to it like a duck to water! Because contrary to classic hair dyes which dry the hair fibres and make your hair more fragile (and consequently, finer), your hair will thank you for using henna: the more you use it, the thicker, shinier and healthier your hair will be!