The differences between men and women shown in 10 minimalist and funny infographics
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Minimalist infographics have fun with gender stereotypes

Yang Liu‘s newest album contains all the gender clichés you can think of, and he gently pokes fun at both genders. It is with a simple but effective style that the artist chose to illustrate these stereotypes imposed by society with a clear and modern approach. Fortunately, sometimes the reality is quite the opposite! To be taken with a pinch of salt…

1/ Self image

Whether we are male or female, we never see ourselves as we are when we look in the mirror…


2/ Men’s magazines vs women’s magazines

The target audience doesn’t matter, the content is the same….

Kiss and Makeup


3/ Sexual experience

Us girls are a little more modest when we talk about our sexual experiences… You wouldn’t want to frighten off your most recent conquest…


4/ Telephone calls

Okay, so sometimes it’s true, between us girls, the conversation can take a bit of a scenic route!


5/ Mysterious objects

Will their gardening and DIY tools always be a mystery?


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