The clitoris: simply explained in a short video that went viral


A 3 minute video to teach  you everything you need to know about the clitoris !

Lori Malépart-Traversy is a Canadian scriptwriter who showed the world a new vision of the clitoris, the taboo organ that even nowadays is considered mysterious. A funny explanatory video, as tender as is it truthful, to be distributed to the men of the world! 

The clitoris: a unique organ dedicated exclusively to female pleasure

We women are the lucky ones! We are bestowed with an organ exclusively dedicated to our pleasure, as opposed to men who also use their sex organ for urinating. We can however compare the clitoris to a mini-penis, just more a bit more ticklish! It becomes engorged with blood and grows in size when aroused.


The clitoris, the neglected organ discovered by men

The clitoris has been discovered and rediscovered by men throughout history. But they have never really fully understood it. The clitoris has often been badly represented in anatomical works, which hasn’t helped matters…. Freud, enemy number 1 of the clitoris, argued that orgasm is only possible by vaginal stimulation, i.e., penetration, and that the clitoral orgasm drove women to hysteria. The clitoris was therefore considered an unnecessary organ without a function.


Today, many people remain in the dark regarding the clitoris

Even still today, it is relatively rare that the clitoris plays an integral role in sex. We often relegate it to foreplay and forget about it for the “real thing” -vaginal penetration. However, the pleasure is there for the taking!

Watch the video here with English subtitles: