The 5 worst experiences at a Gynecologist

Credit: Film "Whats your number"

If you knew some of the horrors a gynecologist has to put up with…

A job that rarely gets thanks, as we fear visiting them. Yet they help woman get pregnant, diagnose and treat diseases etc…  It is also a profession that can be very unpleasant, between the patients who have not washed, the elderly to be examined or the cancers to be treated, these health professionals can quickly let themselves be overwhelmed. Here are eight testimonies of gynecologists who have experienced some horrific, gross and amusing patients.

1/ Pens in a kids vagina

“I had to treat an 8-year-old patient who was brought in as an emergency by her parents due to vaginal bleeding. I was called by the nurse who said she had seen something inside. And there was actually something: pens! The little girl had got into the habit of storing the crayons up her vagina … I took out twenty of them! I can no longer look at a pen without thinking about this horrible experience.”

2/ Condoms and a tampon wedged up

“My girlfriend is a nurse in a gynecology practice and she told us this story: a woman presented herself complaining of bleeding during sexual intercourse, while saying that she had not had her period for 6 months. On examination, the doctor removed two soiled condoms and a tampon, that were blocking her up!”

3/ Anal sex to fall pregnant

“A friend of mine was a student at a gynecologist two years ago and met a patient who complained that she was unable to get pregnant and had frequent diarrhea. The doctor asked her if she was practicing anal sex. She said yes, that it was the only sexual activity she did. Her husband had told her it was the best way to get pregnant.”

4/ Stuffing

“A colleague was giving an examination and when he had his fingers inserted into a womans vagina she asked him: Do you sometimes think it is like stuffing a turkey when you do that? My colleague tried not to laugh and replied: No, but I will everytime now. The patient then looked him straight in the eyes and started to imitated the sound of a turkey! Gobble Gobble!”

5/ Bleach sperm

“Whilst I was working in the emergency services, about 12 years ago, we were treating a very pretty girl. She had poured bleach into her cavity to “kill of the sperm” from her recent intercourse. Around a year later, I went on a date with a beautiful girl and brought her home to mine. When I undressed her, I recogonised her vagina and lets just say that our evening together went to an abrupt hault!”