The 3 best condoms on the market

Screenshot: Flirtmoji

The era of making your partner put a thick rubber on his tumescent member, to protect against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, is revolutionised. Nowadays, “johnnies”, “rubbers”, “French letters” or whatever you want to call them, are available in infinite varieties: ribbed, dotted, extra fine, extra large, etc. Protection is no longer a scourge! And you can find condoms that even contribute to your pleasure. Here are the top 3 most effective condoms on the market at the moment.

1/ 002, by Protex Original: the finest condom in the world

The big winner of the top 3 is the 002 condom, which will have you feeling like a Bond girl! In its silver box that could be mistaken for a packet of cigarettes, this model offers lovers an unparalleled “real feel”, and it is made not with latex but with polurethane, which is sure to be a hit with people who are allergic to plastic derivatives. Furthermore, there is no chemical smell and there is no rough feel, although these condoms are more resistant than their counterparts.

Screenshot: Strip Factory/YouTube

2/ Skyn, by Manix: guaranteed 100% odour free

Presented in a sensual black box, this condom has the advantage of not having the unpleasant latex smell. What’s more, it seems you forget it’s even there from the first thrust…. Try it out!

Screenshot: Davy Laccapote/YouTube

3/ Durex extra sensitive: the easiest condom to put on

Durex Feeling Extra Fine condoms can be put on in no time, and are fully lubricated, which is the most important thing for lovers who don’t have much time!