The 11 skin tips your beautician doesn’t want you to know about

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Obviously, it it is not in the interest of the cosmetics industry to let you know the secrets of having healthier skin with nothing but olive oil, or in the interest of your beautician to tell you that you can just as easily make your own beauty products at home! However, the advantages of making your own products are manifold, in terms of saving money, but also in terms of your health and the environment. Here are 11 techniques to beat the system, and beautify your skin for minimal cost!

1/ Remove your makeup with oil

There’s no good in spending a fortune every month for powerful makeup removers that the marketing campaigns have sold you! A little vegetable oil (olive oil or coconut oil) on some cotton wool, or even just on your fingers, making circular movements, will do the trick even better, as well as deeply hydrating your skin for even longer. And your sensitive eyes will not be damaged by any chemical perfumes. Ideally choose organic oils that come in glass bottles, in order to reap all of their benefits.

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2/ Wash your face and body with cold processed soap

Forget whatever ideas have been put in your head about soap, and its reputation for drying out your skin. Because soap is essentially made from oils! A specialised liquid soap is no better for you, quite the opposite in fact. Let’s get things clear: soap has the same cleaning properties as shower gel. Choose cold processed soap, which is a natural product that will keep your skin soft and healthy. The Natural Soap Company do a great range of such soaps online.


3/ Make a body scrub using sugar

There is no good in buying a scrub in a tube when you can make your own at home, and cut costs! With a little oil and sugar, you can work wonders!

4/ Apply coconut oil to your face as a day cream

Are targeted creams really all they claim to be? We bet that these claims are mainly just marketing techniques, because when you look carefully at their ingredients, we find mainly the same ingredients in creams supposed to be for dry skin, oily skin or combination skin. So to stop simply following the crowd, why not make your own! Especially when all you have to do is buy a jar of coconut oil! Apply it every morning with your hands, just like a day moisturiser. Coconut oil is less greasy on your skin than other oils and has a pleasant fragrance, while you enjoy its many health benefits! So what are you waiting for?

5/ Make a night mask with sesame oil

Sesame oil is especially recommended for dry to very dry skin, but also for other skin types. For an anti-aging treatment that will cost you much less than a targeted night mask you buy in the pharmacy, fish the sesame oil out of your kitchen cupboard and massage a few drops into your face.  The advantage of using cooking oils is that they are generally kept in glass bottles, meaning that no plastic particles make their way to your sensitive skin.

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