Squeezing your spots can endanger your health

Screenshot Twitter: @katiewright

We may believe that the risk only arises with this unhealthy practice when it comes to fairly large spots. Or we may think there is no harm in a little squeeze here and there, when there is a blackhead that is annoying us, even taking pleasure in seeing the pus being squeezed out. However, unfortunately, there is a risk associated with squeezing even the most regular looking blackheads. And popping your spots could even put your life in danger… Read on to find out more.

Infectious cellulitis: an infection that can be deadly, caused by a simple spot

By squeezing a very painful spot near her eyebrow, Katie Wright, a young American in her early twenties, feared for her eyes. Her testimony on Twitter went viral: following an intolerable burning pain after squeezing the spot, Katie had to go to the emergency department. The doctors informed her that she had an infection called cellulitis, a Staph infection which spreads under the skin, into the connective tissues, which could lead to death if not treated rapidly.


What are the risks associated with such an infection?

Katie was lucky. Because in the “best case scenario”, the infection could have reached her eye and blinded her. In the worst case, it could have reached her brain, perhaps even leading to death if she hadn’t reacted quickly.

What are the symptoms of such an infection and how can you avoid it?

In the case of unusual pain and swelling of a spot on your face, whether it looks like acne or not, immediately consult a doctor or a dermatologist. And over all, don’t squeeze it! Wash it with hot water and use a product adapted to your skin type. To avoid finding yourself in such a situation, regularly disinfect your makeup brushes and other tools that come into contact with your skin. Try out making your own home-made moisturiser. There is nothing better than going natural in order to avoid infections. You won’t find a more convincing reason to stop squeezing your blackheads!


Screenshot Twitter: @katiewright