Should you tell a good friend that her boyfriend has cheated on her?

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A classic dilemma that we will probably all face one day: finding your friend’s boyfriend wrapped around someone else. It’s never easy to know how to react in this delicate scenario. Decide not to interfere in their relationship, by hiding the facts? Or tell her everything, possibly putting your friendship at stake? Here is a little advice on the matter.

1/ Prepare the terrain beforehand

It’s always better to be prepared. Survey all of your friends on a girls night out and ask them what they would prefer, if by pure bad luck you were to find their man in another woman’s arms. At least, you’ll know their views on the matter.

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2/ Talk to the wrongdoer himself

If the damage is already done and you haven’t had the chance to find out your friend’s wishes in such situations, another emergency solution is available to you: go and see the guilty party and tell him that you know, threatening to out him if he doesn’t come clean. A bit mean, maybe, but it works. On the other hand, this technique can also be dangerous for your friendship: if your friend finds out, she could well blame you for having broken up her relationship.

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3/ Tell her everything

Put yourself in your friend’s shoes: would you like to learn about the cheating from a third party, as friendly as they may be? Ask yourself about your own motivations, and the value you place on your friendship. What is your goal, in revealing all the facts? If you conclude that it is in her best interests to tell her, prepare yourself for her to be devastated by your announcement, and she may even go as far as to blame you. But she will probably thank you for it in a few years. Whatever you decide to do, we wish you luck with it!

Credits : Pexels

Source : Glamour Magazine