Shocking photos condemning domestic violence against women

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Domestic violence lives on; let’s stop the massacre

Punches, slaps, humiliating remarks, burns, fractures or choking -domestic violence, particularly towards women, lives on, and is sometimes the dirty secret behind the most civilised looking of doors. Outraged by this, the French government recently enlisted professional photographers to join the fight, by publishing an awareness campaign with shocking images, encouraging women to break the silence.

Violence is pathological, and not the result of a conflict

Domestic violence is not the result of a simple fight within a couple, or a sign of a couple in difficulty. Neither is it something accidental that happens in extraordinary circumstances, which won’t happen again. It is unacceptable behaviour, an abuse of power where one partner uses force to control the other.

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Domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women in the UK in their lifetime

According to the Living Without Abuse organisation, one woman in four will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. These numbers are alarming in what is supposedly a modern society. And even if the law protects women in difficulty, very often victims of abuse are afraid to speak out against their partners, which is not an easy thing to do…

Domestic violence: difficult to challenge

The majority of women affected by domestic violence never dare to speak out against their partners, for multiple reasons, which are understandable: they are paralysed by fear of reprisal, they may be the mother of a family who doesn’t want to cause talk and rumours in an area, etc. The reasons are manifold. But we all need to speak out about this issue -it is wrong to think that other people’s problems are their own and should be sorted between themselves. We all have the power to act!

An abuser’s profile is not always obvious

There is no such thing as a typical profile for a man who beats his wife or partner. Alcoholic, authoritarian, rough or underpriviliged -these character traits are often nothing but clichés. Often, we would never suspect the respectable and friendly neighbour, who is always happy to help out. A monster can often take the form of Mr. Sociable….

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