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She decided to stop shaving -and she doesn’t regret it!!

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Nature gave us body hair for a reason…

Morgan Mikenas is a renowned fitness blogger who isn’t afraid to express herself. But as well as her fitness training, the beautiful brunette is best known on social media for her hairy legs and armpits!

She doesn’t give in to established beauty expectations of her

Morgan decided to stop giving into the beauty rituals imposed on her by society, by allowing the hair on her legs and armpits to grow. She admits that it started as laziness, as hair removal was taking her a considerable amount of time every week. Her new razor-free and beautician-free life has completely transformed her, and she has no more fear of accepting herself as nature made her. What’s more, she states that she finds the hair nice to “wear” and to touch, which is a feeling she never knew before.

Now I have completely soft legs, while before, with every regrowth, they were prickly and itchy.

Shame over body hair -a phenomenon driven by the hair removal industry

In her video, Morgan gives us a little history lesson, stating that it is hair removal industries like companies selling disposable razors that started to create this shame around female body hair. She reports that it was around the 1920s when the idea of “body shaming” was born.

High levels of body hair that she finally accepts

When she was younger, Morgan always felt self conscious about being naturally very hairy. In primary school, when she had to wear shorts, she was teased by her classmates. Later on as a young adult, she started working in childcare, and things hadn’t changed much. On the contrary, the children verbally harrassed her, calling her dirty and repulsive. Morgan, shocked by these views held by young children, decided to pack a punch in her YouTube video:

Nature gave us body hair -it wasn’t for no reason. Why do we want to remove it at all costs ?