Sex drive during pregnancy: 4 stages you can expect to go through

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During your pregnancy, it is possible that your hormones will take charge and start bossing you around, little flirts that they are at times! And it isn’t always easy to know how to manage them. Especially in terms of your sex life, in which your libido goes on a roller-coaster ride! To prepare you, here is a list of the stages you are likely to go through, trimester by trimester.

1/ First Trimester: a mild reduction in sex drive

During the first trimester, it is completely normal for your sex drive to be a little lower than usual. This is caused by fatigue, nausea or worrying about miscarriages.

2/ Second trimester: your sex drive comes back with a bang

During the second trimester, hormones are raging through your body, which is getting more used to being pregnant, leading to a massive increase in sex drive. You will also find it easier to reach orgasm because of the swelling of the pelvis and the perineum at this stage of pregnancy. Make the best of it!

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3/ Third trimester: unpredictable desire

Sexual desire during the third trimester can reduce slightly because of the prominence of your bump, which makes certain positions less practical. Depending on the couple, the lowered libido can also be caused by anxiety about the birth or changes in the body.

4/ After giving birth: varied sex drive between women

Starting to have sex again after giving birth varies from woman to woman. Depending on her stage of healing, it could lead to complications. To get back to having a fulfilling sex life, it is therefore imperative to do your pelvic floor exercises. But as a general rule, if the couple had a good sex life during the pregnancy, there is no reason why this should change.

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