See how a baby kicking in utero completely deforms the mum’s tummy!


If you know the joys of pregnancy, you are sure to have found yourself in this situation: feeling your tummy being kicked by the wannabe footballer inside it! And every time, it’s a joyful experience, that the daddies never get to experience. But have you ever gotten such a kick that you can actually see your bump distorting? This is what happened to one young mum-to-be, whose video is touring the web!

Baby kicking: a completely normal phenomenon

While certain babies stay very calm in their mother’s tummies, others are very dynamic, at all hours of the day and night! It’s usually between the fifteenth and twentieth week of pregnancy that the baby starts to kick. It can be an emotional experience for the young mum, who is excited to really feel her baby, but also relieved that they are healthy and moving.

Credits: Tawny Nina/Pixabay

Crazy distortions, like something out of science fiction

As time goes on, maybe Baby starts to feel a little constrained, and is quick to make their feelings known, with increasingly violent movements! So much so that it sometimes becomes visible on the outside, with the tummy completely deforming. But it is usually simply impressive looking, rather than being terribly painful. The mum to be in this video was quick to grab her camera at the crucial moment, and we can see her tummy deforming in ways you could never have imagined.  You can’t help but imagine a foot coming out through the skin, alien style!

Comments from astonished web users

The movements look so strong that you could start to worry that the baby’s foot will come out through the mother’s bump! This is one of the reasons why the video went viral, getting more than 37,000 shares in just a few days. The comments weren’t long rolling in. Some people were amazed and in awe of the power of nature, while others were completely disgusted, going so far as to compare the video to a scene from a sci-fi film, if not a horror movie like Alien. Whatever the case, the video will provide the young woman and her family with unforgettable memories of her pregnancy!

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