Rihanna has the perfect response to body shaming

Credits : Wikimedia Commons

Rihanna keeps her cool

It was the American website Barstool that started the controversy, broaching the topic of our beloved Rihanna’s recent weight gain. And when we said ‘broaching’, we are just being nice. The article, deleted shortly afterwards, was insulting in the extreme, going as far as suggest the princess of pop looked like she was wearing a ‘sumo suit’ and was going to make “being fat the new hot trend”. And of course, as nothing remains a secret on the web, the article wasn’t long going viral, being seen before long by Rihanna herself.

A perfect response with a sense of humour

But the writer didn’t count on the wrath of our favourite Riri, who had the intelligence to post an original and witty response:


Weight gain Wonderwoman

The singer’s new voluptuous curves have not only got tongues wagging, but they have also allowed many women who may be considered (wrongly) to be overweight, not to feel ashamed of the size of their thighs. Acceptance was clearly demonstrated in the number of women who went online to come swiftly to Rihanna’s defence!