Questions to ask yourself when sorting out your wardrobe, to easily get rid of what you don’t need

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Are you already planning your spring cleaning, thinking about how to get rid of superfluous bits and bobs around the house that are only causing clutter? Well take the opportunity to have a look in your wardrobe as well. You can make things much more efficient by following the “less is more” principle! Because doing a good clear-out will help you feel more organised, and make it easier to decide what to wear every morning. Here are the essential questions to ask yourself if you have decided on a trip to the charity shop, inspired by the Konmari method.

Easily find the answer to the question: should I keep this or not?

1/ Does it really fit me?

Did you buy a pair of jeans in the sales, telling yourself that you’ll fit into them one day, when you’ve lost a few pounds? Or that they’ll come in handy if you ever get pregnant?! But it seems that they’ve been lying in the wardrobe for a few years now, untouched…

2/ Is the material comfortable?

Does this synthetic top do nothing for you but make you sweat? Does the Aran jumper start making you itch as soon as you look at it, even if you put a t-shirt under it? Any garment, regardless of how beautiful it is, should be comfortable and nice to wear. Otherwise, you’ll only wear it very rarely, if ever.

4/ Is it a pain to look after it?

Does your white linen dress with lace edging spend most of its time in the dry cleaners? Clothes that are complicated to clean, that stain easily or that can’t go in the washing machine, take up a ridiculous amount of time, which you could well spend doing other things.

5/ Is it practical to wear regularly?

You may love your little check blouse, but it’s so transparent that in the end, you have to wear a tank top under it, which ruins the look completely. Get rid of it. You’ll find another one that’s more wearable.

6/ Am I only keeping it out of guilt?

Are you only keeping it for sentimental value, maybe because it used to belong to your grandmother, and you haven’t the heart to throw it out? Or maybe you just can’t bring yourself to give away the pair of jeans your boyfriend bought you for Christmas a few years ago, even if they are far too small now. Are you keeping the Christian Dior bikini that doesn’t suit you because it’s a designer brand? (Although you could make a pretty penny by selling it…). Say no to guilt! Material goods do not replace memories, and the people who gave them to you would be happy to see them given a new  lease of life, instead of gathering dust in your wardrobe. Maybe one of your friends would like what you no longer wear, or you could try selling online or giving things to a charity shop, instead of just throwing them out.

7/ Does the colour really suit me?

Maybe you bought a white top just because you fell head over heels for the the cute pattern, even though you know that white does absolutely nothing for your skin tone…. You may be hoping that one day you’ll get a tan (which is only likely to happen if you spend two months on holidays in the Carribean, given  how pale you are!) Stop with the “just in case”s.

8/ Is this a style I can carry off? Does it go with my personality?

If you fell for a gothic style top just because you liked the tartan print, but in the end you are never brave enough to wear it, then don’t waste another minute! Give it away, recycle it or sell it!

9/ Am I ever really going to wear it again?

A garment with too much fuss and frill, as beautiful as it may be, can often seem a bit too much for us to actually wear it. Ask yourself if you are ever really going to put it on.


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