Prisons painted pink to calm the prisoners

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Prison walls in baby pink!

The Swiss government decided to refresh the walls of certain prisoners’ cells in a shade that is somewhat improbable for such a location: the preferred colour of little girls worldwide! So why choose this colour? Apparently, to calm the prisoners…

Pink: a colour that calms the brain

Certain psychological studies have shown that the colour pink can calm agitated patients in just a few minutes. According to researcher Alexander G. Schauss, the colour pink lowers blood pressure as well as being physically calming. The Swiss government decided to trial this inexpensive method in its prisons.

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Prisoners with anger issues became calmer

The first pink walls were trialled in the Pfäffikon prison in Switzerland, to the dismay of the prisoners, who didn’t exactly welcome the change with enthusiasm, as they felt it was humiliating… The most difficult prisoners were placed in the ‘girly’ cells for between a quarter of an hour and a few hours, even up to 24 hours for the most complex cases. The sweetness of the pale pink shade would unconsciously influence the mental state of those who were incarcerated, and help them to calm down. Nothing beats using peaceful means!

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