Organic hair salons: what’s the verdict?

Hairdresser trimming blond hair with scissors

Organic hair products -what are the benefits?

Organic is everywhere: in artisan food stores, certain supermarkets or even in clothes shops that display their organic cotton garments like trophies. This “fashion”, however, is for the good of everyone, working towards a better world without pesticides or synthetic chemical products that pollute our soil and our atmosphere. And going organic in terms of hair care -what does that entail? Here is our take on the new craze: organic hair salons.

1/ Vegetable hair dyes that protect the hair and give it volume instead of damaging it

In most organic hair salons, the hair dyes are made from vegetables and plants. Henna and other means of plant based dyes are generally used, which don’t damage the hair fibres, in contrast with chemical hair dyes which dry out the hair, removing its natural colour and thinning it out. With natural dyes, the more you use them, the better condition your hair is in! Why didn’t we hear about this before??!

2/ Organic clay highlights

You don’t want a full colour, but just a few highlights to keep the memories of summer alive? Organic hair salons generally offer gentle techniques for highlighting hair. Ask about clay highlights: the light tints are obtained thanks to natural ingredients that won’t dry out your hair in the slightest! These hair lightening products are often made from potato starch, clay and a developing milk.

3/ Hair care for pregnant women

Pregnant women can finally have their hair care needs met: in organic salons, they have the option of getting pampered without exposing their babies to the chemical fumes that are sometimes emitted from classic hair dyes, which are to be avoided when you are expecting. A must!

4/ Gourmet shampoos

And of course, to top it all off, your organic stylist will propose a certified organic shampoo, in an array of gourmet fragrances, as well as special emergency hair repair products for very damaged hair. The one hitch: many products seem to be wrapped in plastic, which is not exactly environmentally friendly… But it’s a start! Next step: for our ethical hairdresser to make us up a home-made potion before our very eyes!


We can certainly recommend that you try out an organic hairdresser: even if the colour holds slightly less well and doesn’t last as long as its chemical counterparts, your hair will be more beautiful, healthier and in better condition. It doesn’t irritate the hair fibres by discolouring them, but protects them, even against external forces such as pollution or sunlight. And you are also doing your bit for the planet (even if the packaging isn’t the most eco-friendly!).