Optical illusion wallpaper: give your interiors a spectacular transformation in less than a day

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We all love a change from time to time. Our hairstyle, our colour, or even our clothes -us women are well familiar with change! This also goes for men, who love to change their cars, motorbikes or bicycles, for newer or sometimes even for more eco-friendly models. Whether the changes are minor or major, the important thing is that we’re happy with them. Can you remember the last time you changed something in your home, and the pleasure you got from it? Why not give your bland interiors a fresh look? And to be innovative about it, forget about boring paint, and transform your interiors with wallpaper. Here are a few varieties you are sure to fall for!

The sitting room: a relaxation place where you should feel good

When we want to redecorate, it is important to start with the sitting room: it is quite simply the room in which we pass most of our time at home. It is there that we love to snuggle up on the couch after a long day, to relax with a book or a good film on rainy Sundays, or spend the time with family or guests. And if you are afraid of the challenge of renovating, worried that it will take up all of your free time and energy, you’re mistaken! All you need to do is some basic planning and go for a practical style of redecoration. To see spectacular transformations, there is no need to change the furniture or repaint the walls, but go for a quick job that won’t take you more than an afternoon! Everything you need can be found in an elegant wallpaper.


Give a room a new lease of life with a unique wallpaper

In the 1990s, photo style wallpapers were a feature of most living rooms. Very popular thanks to their colours, this style of decor is nowadays considered kitsch, and seen as the equivalent of having large postcards on your walls: exotic beaches, autumnal forests or waterfalls -such landscapes were intended to bring life and colour to dull, greyish suburban homes. A few years later, such wallpapers were forgotten, being considered in bad taste because of the quality of the materials and the poor printing at the time. Nowadays, print or photo wallpapers are miles ahead of their predecessors. They are not only moisture-resistant, but they are also resistant to UV rays, and come in a variety of incredible styles. So without further ado, here are a few sample previews!


Dream wallpapers for all tastes!

In the past, the limited choice of patterns, as well as the poor quality of the materials were the main disadvantages of photo wallpapers. Nowadays, when you see the range available on the market, you can get lost in it, because everything you can imagine is available! It is equally possible to personalise your own, making wall decorations from your own photos or art projects, giving your interior design a whole new dimension.


Country landscapes and breathtaking views feature among the most popular designs. You can also find more universal themes, which will go with any style of decor. It all depends on the pattern you choose: idyllic prairies are perfect for a rustic style interior, while mountains, peaks and snow covered summits may suit a loft with a modern, industrial style design. A peaceful sea view could be ideal for brightening up a minimalist decor.



A panorama of London, Paris or New York will appeal to city lovers. Modern architecture with skyscrapers and lively streets will bring your living room to life in jig time! By choosing one of the sky view cityscapes, you will create the illusion of a bigger room, making it look as if you’ve gained several square feet of living space. Cityscapes also suit retro style homes -you simply need to go for a sepia version of a city in the 1950s.

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Graphic patterns

Are you looking for a classic style that will last the test of time? Make sure to consider these universal graphic patterns: horizontal or vertical stripes, shapes, polka dots, check or pastel squares. If you choose this kind of theme, think hard about the colours on your selected pattern. To brighten up a sober, discreet interior, go for an expressive pattern, that will bring life to the place. If, by contrast, your existing decor is bright and loud, it is better to go for more subtle colours.



Wallpapers with different textures are becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to careful manufacturing, you can also create the impression of wood paneling in your room, redecorate it in “concrete”, create a “brick wall” or even give a marble or mosaic effect. A simple and rapid way to introduce your dream materials into your home, without having to go the bother of having major works done.


An instant transformation, within arm’s reach

The best transformations are the ones that are most effective, of course, but also the ones that are the fastest! By opting for wallpaper, your interior will be transformed in less than an afternoon. Applying wallpaper has become very simple, you don’t even need any experience in order to put it up. However, you may need a pair of extra hands if you want to do it yourself, without a professional. All you have left to do is choose the room you want to transform, and get ready to appreciate the results!