Not wearing a bra, good or bad for the body?

Between the extreme feminists who burn their brassieres with enthusiasm and the doctors who advise to wear supportive bras, we no longer know what to think of the bra. So, is it really obligatory to wear it or is it an unnecessary need aimed to sell lingerie and seduce men?

According to the professor Jean-Denis Rouillon from CHU (Central University Hospital) in Besançon, France, the bra is not necessary. After a long study over 15 years and analyzing over 100 breasts, the results from the researcher is that the bra doesn’t do anything.

His long research has in fact concluded that the chest naturally recovers without any support.  Another conclusion: gravity is beneficial to our breasts, contrary to what one might believe. Some girls have even completely abandoned the idea of wearing a bra, and would not change their decision, feeling lighter, free of all movement and confessing, against all odds, to having less back pain! Incredible not?

We still hesitate to ditching the bra for support, especially during a physical sport session…