New: special period panties that absorb the flow!

Credits : THINX

The menstrual cup, tampons or sanitary towels, the options for feminine hygiene products can be counted on one hand. From when women started to get their periods, it seems ridiculous that the industry hasn’t come up with a few more innovations in terms of protection…. But that was before the arrival of THINX lingerie, the period panties! Let’s find out more about this impressive brand…

Panties that absorb menstrual blood flow

Do you know how many tampons and towels you have bought throughout your life? At more than three euro a packet, being a woman is expensive! And we all know that disposable goods are bad for our beloved planet. But outside of the financial and environmental considerations, there is also the social problem: in poor or underdeveloped countries, young women don’t go to school during their periods, having no access to the feminine hygiene products they need to go to classes in peace. The brand THINX wants to make such products a thing of the past.

More and more style options: sexy, string, shorty, etc.

THINX is made up of a team of three concerned young women, who decided to launch this incredible line of lingerie, in several styles and colours, depending on how heavy your flow is. But how does this new generation underwear work, seeming as slim as the usual ones we wear in our daily lives?

Credits: THINX

An ultra-comfortable panties, which absorbs the equivalent of 2 tampons.

Depending on the style proposed on the site (there are three different types you can choose from, depending on your flow: light, medium or heavy), the THINX panties absorb on average the same amount of blood as two tampons. In order to do so, a four-ply pad of material, which is almost imperceptible to the naked eye, has been sewn into the seat of the panties in organic cotton, ensuring optimal comfort with an absorbent, anti-moisture, anti-microbial and leak-resistant layer. How better to forget that you’re in the middle of a critical period!

Credits : THINX

The panties can go in the washing machine with your usual load

In terms of garment care, it couldn’t be easier: a rapid rinse in cold water after use, before putting it in the machine and it’s in the bag! With a stock of two or three panties, it will become easy to forget all about other feminine hygiene product. The bonus? When you buy a model, the company offers a pack of 7 absorbent panties to a school in Africa, where access to feminine hygiene products is limited, if not almost impossible.

Tampons were invented in 1931, and apart from adding adhesive wings to sanitary towels, it’s been 85 years with no major innovations. It’s time to change that.

Have a look in their online boutique here.