New easy eyeliner tutorial

Eyeliner… if you have always admired those who have pretty eyes with a corner flick but don’t know how to do it, we have the easy tutorial for you!

Eyeliner always take practice to get it looking how you want, and the more your practice the quicker you will be. There is always the fear of looking like Amy Winehouse by applying it too thick and not knowing how to follow the shape of your eye, but thanks to this step by step video tutorial you can’t get it wrong!

What your will need:

  • A liquid eyeliner
  • Cotton wool buds

How to apply:

1) Using your liquid eyeliner apply 1 dot in the inner corner of your eye.

liner 1

2) Apply a second dot where your outer iris starts

liner 2

3) Apply a third dot at the point of the center of your pupil

liner 3

4) The fourth dot is applied at the edge of your iris.

liner 4

5) Apply another dot to the outer edge of your eye

liner 5

6) Apply a dot on the edge of your eye lid and another futher up inline and on the same angle of the end of your eyebrow.

liner 6


7) Follow the dots by creating a thin line to the end dot, which will form your flick.

liner 8

8) Draw a line from your outer eye corner up to join the top line to close off the flick

liner 9

9) Fill in with your eyeliner

liner 10

A step by step videp: