Multi tasking : the easy trend which will revolutionnize your beauty routine

When one speaks about skin, one often speaks of zones. We know the T zone can be particularly problematic with certain people and that the bottom of the face often becomes oily and problematic, that the chin area can be a zone which has pimples due to hormonal imbalances and that the cheek area can be sensitive and more red than the rest of the face.


Due to the variety of problems that one can have one can refer to the multi tasking trend in order to treat one’s skin. For example a combination and blemished skin: you want to treat the blemishes so you put on a purifying mask on your whole face. You are satifsfied as the imperfections are dried, However the rest of your skin which is already dry and clear becomes even dryer and irritated (and if your skin misbehaves the irritations can cause other pimples). In other words multi tasking is  way in which one can treat the right zones with the right products.

With this technique you will appear as a human patchwork (wearing a mask is never very glamorous in any case) but you won’t waste your masks as they are used uniquely on the problem zone and therefore dont risk making your skin oily or irritated and they last longer because you don’t apply it all over the place. This type of reflexion also exists for one’s hair. One can wash the roots with a shampoo made for greasy hair and nourish the tips with a product for dry hair.


Here are several examples : is the skin beneath your chin saggy? Apply a firming and lifting mask in this area. Your jawline is covered in pimples? Put on a purifying mask. Do your cheeks appear dull?  Place a moisturising mask with the exception of your pimples where you put a mask for problematic skin which is prone to acne. It is up to you to determine your skins needs and give it what it needs in order to improve.

Source : Delighted-Momma