Masturbation: 7 questions you never dared to ask

The Reply

No, masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of. Even if it is considered a ‘taboo’ subject in our society, it is completely natural, and allows us to explore our sexuality in privacy, which can in turn be a great aid to our sex lives. We’re going to tell you all you need to know about enjoying your ‘alone time’.

Even babies engage in masturbation! Does that shock you? However, it’s true: even if they are totally void of sexual thoughts, infants and children often touch their genital areas to explore their bodies. A reflex that will serve them well in the future, in terms of frustration release!

1/ Does masturbation have any negative effects on your body?

As long as you aren’t being too rough, masturbation is not harmful to your body in any way. In fact, it can have many positive effects on your mental health. Obviously, it goes without saying that masturbation has no effect whatsoever on your sexual health or your fertility!

2/ Is it normal that my husband masturbates, even though we have regular sex?

Don’t be offended if you find out that your husband masturbates. He could be doing so for countless reasons that may never have occurred to you: fatigue, insomnia, stress or normal arousal -it’s no reflection on you or your sex life! Masturbation will never replace your sessions in between the sheets, look at it as a solitary way of maintaining sexual equilibrium! Don’t say you’ve never done it yourself…..

3/ Is it normal to think about someone other than your partner when you are masturbating?

Fantasising is not cheating, is what we say! Everyone projects their desires from time to time on some handsome stranger, even if in real life, they would never dream of acting on such fantasies. Stop feeling guilty and just enjoy it!

4/ How often should you masturbate?

In adolescence, the age at which we start to discover our bodies, and by extension, discover masturbation, the frequency is fairly high, and can be every week, every day, or several times a day for some people. With age, this gradually becomes less frequent. There is no recommended amount, and we can masturbate as often as we feel the need, as long as it doesn’t affect your private life, or you find yourself unable to stop.

5/ What is the best way to masturbate?

Women are lucky enough to have plenty of choice when it comes to masturbation techniques: stimulate the clitoris by rubbing, penetration with the aid of your fingers, a dildo or other sex toys -the only limit is your imagination! To increase arousal, you can also contract the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, with your legs together. Others get to the finish line by rubbing the vulva on a pillow, or by stimulating the clitoris with the shower jet. It’s up to you to find what works best for you!

6/ Is it bad for you to use a vibrator regularly when you masturbate?

It’s impossible to manually create the same continuous and rapid effect, and vibrators offer your intimate parts stimulation like no other! You can’t expect to climax as quickly with your other half, who hasn’t a hope of rivaling such prowess! That said, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use your vibrator on a daily basis.

7/ Can male masturbation cause premature ejaculation?

The answer is no! You have no more cause to chastise your significant other for what he does in his private time! The bonuses: in fact masturbation can help him learn to control ejaculation during your moments together. It’s a win win situation!