Mascara: 5 tips to create the perfect look

Mascara has to be girls’ best friend and their number 1 tool. And if you don’t bother wearing blusher, eye-liner, lipstick or eyeshadow (you may just don’t have time to fuss over makeup in the morning), mascara can be the only thing you need to get pretty eyes. It only takes mascara to transform quickly your eyes in a few seconds. Here are 5 tips to help you to apply your mascara properly. 

Create the best texure

Even if the product isn’t expired we tend to throw it away way too quickly because it seems dry and that you just can’t seem to be able to use the end of the product.

In order to save your mascara and keep it longer, you can try too tips. The most famous one has to be the tip where you just basically soak your tube in warm water for a few seconds. The product will melt and you will be able to use it again. Another fantastic tip is to add a few drops of physiological saline in your tube and shake.

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Curl your lashes

You don’t need to buy an eyelash curler to get XXL volume. You can use a card of any kind or a spoon to curl them.

Put the spoon of the card at the base of your lashes and apply you mascara. Really insist at the roots of the lashes.

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Even more volume

If you don’t know how to give more volume to your lashes, baby talc could be a great way to solve your problem.

The technique is easy. Apply a first layer of a fluid mascara onto your lashes. Use a cotton bud to apply talc on your lashes. Finish off by applying the last coat of mascara an you are done! Your lashes will be longer, voluminous and multiplied.

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An incredible length

You may have very short lashes and it can be really difficult to get appropriate results. You can use a toothbrush. Apply product onto the bristles and use it on your lashes. You can look downwards to make it easier.

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An intense look

If your mascara isn’t black enough, you ca get better results by adding homogeneously and regularly gel liner onto the mascara wand. Use it on your lashes as you would normally do.

Finally, you can also intensify the look and create volume by adding some black pencil that doesn’t transfer in the upper waterline. This works incredibly well.

As you can see, even without mascara, you already have volume. Source :
As you can see, even without mascara, you already have volume and intensity. Picture :