Manterrupting: when men cut women off while they are speaking

Credits: Youtube/Screenshot

A mark of sexism on the feminist radar

Perhaps you have already heard of manspreading, when a man sits with his legs spread so widely that he takes up two seats on public transport, without a second thought for other passengers who have to make themselves smaller as a result. This time we are talking about manterrupting -how men endlessly interrupt women when they are speaking.

Manterrupting: a form of sexism that we tend to ignore

Manterrupting is not the most violent form of sexism, but certainly it contributes strongly to bad feeling and humiliation, which are unacceptable in modern society. This habit, which consists of cutting a woman off when she speaks, seems to be common among many men, in thousands of various professions. You only have to watch the video below this article to see it in action.

A phenomenon opposed by feminists

In the Obama government, for example, several of Michelle Obama’s advisors noticed this male behaviour. So to counter manterrupting, her advisors put suggested a strategy that they called “amplification”: when a woman proposes an idea, a second woman repeats the same idea a little while afterwards, citing the name of her colleague. This technique seems to work, according to them.

Watch the video: