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Male sex dolls: life-like sex dolls for women!

Screenshot: Lynn Jung/Testing a Male Sex Doll/YouTube

Better than blow up dolls, but not as developed as the female robots, here are the male sex robots. Until now, this was a phenomenon reserved only for men, but certain businesses are now trying to expand their market with male dolls, realer than the real thing, to satisfy ladies’ needs. 

The possibilities are endless

These dolls are not only created for sex. Allegedly, they can equally make a veritable daily companion. The phenomenon of “blow up dolls” is a very masculine concept, although certain companies decided to push the boat out, by creating life like male dolls. The clients can choose to tailor their ‘man’ to their own tastes, selecting the settings and the physical qualities that they want in their new toy: scars, hair, body hair, eye colour and even penis size. Anything goes, as long as you are willing to pay around 12,000 euros.

Credits : Vice
Credits : Vice

Life companions

The American company Sinthetics decided to specialise in the manufacture of male sex dolls, made from wax. They made this choice based on the demands of their female clients, to whom they also wanted to offer this type of sex toy. The users admit that these “real dolls” are not just sex objects. They claim to have created real relationships with these statues, which can apparently be even better than having just a sex friend.

Even if the dolls can still seem a little terrifying, Sinthetics seem convinced that in a few years, it will be possible to make love to these robots.